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Jamie Isbister

About Me

Aloha! I'm Jamie Isbister and I love being a fitness instructor 💜 I got my first certification in 2013 and have been teaching ever since. I enjoy helping my clients push past their comfort zones and into stronger bodies. After working with clients for a few sessions, I will gently nudge them to do just a bit more, to get them to see how strong they really are. Most people don't even realize how strong they are becoming, so they will hold back. My passion is being able to identify that moment when they are ready for the next level, then creating an opportunity for them to break through that mental block. It makes me so happy to see clients become stronger and more empowered through fitness. 


After high school, I attended college in Kauai, Hawaii and it's been like a second home to me. When I'm not on the beach in Hawaii, I'm in my hometown of Fallon, NV where I was born and raised. I have been a software programmer since my early twenties and am now leading a team of software consultants at Phocas Software, where I've been working for over 7 years. 

My Trainings & Certifications: 

  • AFPA Certified Nutrition Coach

  • CIZE

  • Pink Gloves Boxing

  • PiYo


  • TRX Rip Training

  • TRX Suspension Training

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