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F*** it...I'm starting now!

I was waiting for the "right time" to publish this website and post this blog. I was waiting until I looked better. I was waiting until I didn't look and feel bloated from a long work trip. I was waiting for... wait, why was I waiting? Well, because as a fitness professional, you have to look the part, right? Then I thought, what the hell am I doing? This is WHY I'm starting this damn thing in the first place! Fuck it... I'm starting NOW!

So, here it is. These are my real photos, these are my real feelings- unedited and NO FILTER. Read on if you dare.

I started No Filter because honestly, I was really tired of seeing fake, filtered pictures on social media. Don't get me wrong, I have been a filter queen too, especially as a fitness professional there's an added pressure to have a perfect body, but I never really thought about the impact it has on us all. It wasn't until I was sitting with two of my good friends at lunch that I realized how negatively it affects us. One friend, with beautiful curves that most people pay for, and the other who is beyond beautiful and 6 weeks postpartum, both started talking about their bodies so negatively. We got to talking and it was clear that their negative images of themselves were greatly increased when on social media.

I wanted to start a social media page and website that shows REAL people, REAL pictures, and talks about REAL goals and fitness. I want women (and men) to see what normal bodies actually look like without all of the editing. I want people to feel good about themselves in real life. I want them to share their struggles and successes. I want to be able to lift people up and motivate them by showing the truth.

It's ok to have cellulite and it's ok to have muscles. It's ok to be perfectly happy with your body just the way it is and it's ok to want to improve it. We all go through things in our lives that make us lose motivation and get out of a routine, and that's ok too.

I often hear "ugh...she's too skinny", "ugh...she's too muscular", "she's an instructor?", all sorts of negative comments about other women and I hate it.

My hope is that by creating this page/blog/website/conversation, I can help people see what REAL looks like again and embrace it!

Thanks for reading!

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