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About NF

No Filter Fitness is a Glam Fitness Studio, located in Fallon, NV. 

What's a Glam Studio, you ask? Oh it's just a fabulous fitness space with attractive interior design to make you feel a little pampered while you improve your health. A nice, clean, fabulous space.

We keep the groups small enough to get individual attention from our trained instructors, but large enough so you feel that "big class" energy.

We welcome and encourage all fitness levels. If you're just starting out or if you're a workout fanatic... we will cater the workout to you. ​​

We are sisters who have a passion for helping people become healthier.

We believe workouts should be fun, but challenging and we motivate our clients

by encouraging and uplifting them, not by yelling.

In 2013, we started our first fitness studio in Sparks, NV

and have decided to do it again in our hometown of Fallon, NV.

We love the community we created with our first studio

& plan to create the same vibe with our second.  

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